Project Idea - Corona Virus Video Journal

We are in a very historic time so I am having my 7th and 8th grade Multimedia students create a video journal. We started today. They are to make about 3 entries a week and edit as they go… when this is finally over they will have a long documentary video journal to save and share with their children and grandchildren down the road. Here’s a link to the lesson: (

I had one student already comment today that “it’s nice to be able to comment on what’s going on.” Another student had her uncle send her a little video of what’s going on where he lives to add to her journal.


This is amazing @mrsjett So creative and important for social emotional learning. Can’t wait to see to see what your students create! :clapper:

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Awesome idea. I hope you don’t mind if I share this with my staff and others.


Chad, that’s why I shared. You are welcome to use and share with others.